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Mamma/pappa - mummy/daddy?

Skrivet av charlin
Hi all you experienced people!
We\'re raising our daughter to speak both English and Swedish and we\'re having trouble with what to call ourselves... I speak English with her and her father speaks Swedish, so when I talk about myself i say mommy and when I speak about her father I say daddy. But when her father speaks of himself he says pappa and of me he says mamma. So what is the poor child to think she\'s supposed to say? She varies between pappa and dadda for her daddy and mostly says mamma to me. Are we making life too difficult for her? How have you done? I think her language developement is a bit slow - she\'s almost 15 months old and talks very much but almost everything is quite unintelligible. Have your bilingual children had difficulties in deciding which language to speak and have they been a bit late?

don´t worry, she´ll figure it out! *long*
When I was little I had the exact same situation as your daughter (except we, being Irish, said Mammy).:-)
Since I only ever spoke English to my mother, she was always Mammy. My father was Daddy if I spoke English, and pappa if I spoke Swedish. My likewise half-caste ;-) cousins said Daddy even if they were speaking Swedish, actually. She´ll figure out what she wants to call you.

My children will not speak English, unfortunately, however the eldest one (9 years) is warming up to the idea of bilinguality. They say "mamma" when they\'re speaking Swedish, and Mammy when (oh so rarely)speaking English. It comes naturally.

I don´t think you should worry about her language development too much, children can be extremely different that way. There are plenty of fun ways to practice language, like reading stories, repeating nursery rhymes etc. But it´ll be a while before you can really say if she has a speech problem, I think. They check on this at BVC, anyway. There are lots of books on bilinguality and children; I don´t know how well you read Swedish, but the library should have some - if nothing else it´s very interesting!
Skrivet av  bani
Thanks a lot for long answer, bani!
I\'m not really worried that she has a speech-problem... Mostly wanted to know if others have noticed that their children are a bit late when they are bilingual. I\'ve read that some researchers think that they often are, but I didn\'t really believe it - now however I\'m starting to wonder if there could be a grain of truth to it for some children. Not that it really matters that much - and yes, I\'m sure she\'ll figure things out eventually. It was nice to hear it from someone else, though! Thanks again,
Skrivet av  charlin
I was bilingual, and early...
But others I know were late. It varies tremendously... But one gets so impatient waiting for the baby to speak, right? :-D
Skrivet av  bani
Ohh, yes - very impatient indeed! NT
Skrivet av  charlin
The way you do it is the best way....
... they say. And THEY (the experts) sais that a child with 2 languages takes time as the process 2
languages. So I don´t think you have to worry.
Skrivet av  Maria med Clara 030516
Thanks for the support Maria! NT
Skrivet av  charlin
Hi Charlin!
We are doing the same here, using both languages for Björn as he will be bilingual. He understands both but uses most swedish "words" as he is only 15 months too. But the past days he has walked around speaking "english" and pointing at the clock, the lamp etc using the english words for them. And everytime I open a cupboard in the kitchen, he smiles and shouts "tities" (sweeties).

Other english words he uses is Daddy, finished and lamp. (bamp)

Swedish is "mamma", "tack-tack" "fläkt" and "tick-tack".

I think he will differ the languages easily even if he will use swedish primarily when he talks to me. Dad is working, so he doesn\'t have the time with baby boy as I have.

But what I wanted to say really was: 15 months is not that "old" and they don\'t have more than around 10 words then anyway, no matter if its one or more languages they hear.
Skrivet av  Kerstin m Björn
Hi Kerstin!
Thanks for answering me! I kind of know that 15 months isn´t that old, but I guess I´m comparing too much with my older kids and especially my boy who was very early. Keep forgetting that he was early and thinking that that was more "normal"... Nice to hear from others who are raising their children bilingually though, I keep running into problems about what to call things in English - like specifically Swedish things like "saft"! Hope to be able to get more help from others in the same situation now that I´ve found this forum - even though things seem pretty slow around here...
Bye for now!
Skrivet av  charlin
saft is obv. "saft" in English
And pyssel is "pyssel". :-D
Skrivet av  bani
Little things..
We call "saft" just that. Saft. But saft in english is either squash (sp?) or cordial, isn\'t it?

But we do use swenglish in the family too. My husband (brit) sometimes uses swedish terms when he speaks to his relatives, actually. :)

I will put this snack on my favourites again, had deleted it from there.

You could always email me if you like? Adress in the info.
Skrivet av  Kerstin
Thanks bani and Kerstin!
Tried your info, Kerstin, but it didn´t work so I guess I´ll try later again! I´m terrible att being regular when it comes to writing in forums and answering my e-mail, but I´ll try my best now that I´ve found you guys. Please just don´t get angry if it takes a while before I answer. We´re on a modem and trying to save money for our trip to EGYPT (!) in June, so I´m kind of a cheapskate when it comes to connecting to the internet - unlike the rest of the family - why are we women always so *** responsible...
Skrivet av  charlin
cordial feels sooooo....
Enid Blyton, doesn´t it? Or maybe she´s more lemonade. It feels foreign anyway. I was born here, so Saft is Saft, and I think it\'s an excellent word that English should adopt! Mwa-ha-ha! :-DDD
Skrivet av  bani
The best to come...
I admire your efforts, just keep it going. Your child will work it out!

Best story I have heard is that one of a couple of friends of mine; he is Italian, she is English - the kid spoke Italian to men and English to women... :-D

Good luck!!
Skrivet av  Gl@d
Wow!!! *S* Thanks for that story! NT
Skrivet av  charlin