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Anyone else in Gothenburg?

Skrivet av Julie - mamma till Olivia och änglabarn
I\'m english married to a swede with a little girl who will be 3 at Christmas. In April I lost my second child (he died in my womb during the 32nd week of my pregnancy). I just wondered if there were any other english mothers in the area who had suffered a similar experience and would like to meet/have contact.
Anyway if so please write to me on my mail address jandm.larsson@tele2.com.
I hope nobody else has suffered the loss of a child but if your out there and would like the opportunity to talk please get in touch.
Trying to mail you, but your mail doesn\'t work??!!??
Skrivet av  Cay
Hello Cay,

Don\'t know what is wrong with my mail, try again jandm.larsson@tele.se.
Skrivet av  Julie - Olivia and Maxs mamma
This is the message I get every time I send a mail to you:

Your message

Subject: VB: Från AFF

was not delivered to:



User jandm.larsson (jandm.larsson@tele2.com) not listed in Domino Directory

Skrivet av  Cay
I\'m useless
I cant\' even get my own mail address right... anyway now I\'ve put it up again - new inlägg. Hope you manage to mail me this time.
Skrivet av  Julie - Olivia and Maxs mamma