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English speaking "öppen förskola"?

Skrivet av Louise, Scott&Edmill
I,ve just moved back to Sweden from London. My oldest son, Scott 5yrs, started reception class last year and we are now trying to find a way to keep his english going. Does anyone know if there is a english speaking playgroup in the Stockholm area? I´d love some tips as well so he doesn´t forget the english he´s learnt
There is a shool
in Djursholm/Danderyd thats called Primary School. And also near Roslagstull, near Vallhallavägen. But I don\'t know the name. I saw it from bus 73 when I was passing by, when a small girl went of the bus.
Skrivet av  Lena_O
and Liljeholmen
called Stenuddska!

Skrivet av  Eva m Collin å Alice