Hello dears,

May be you can help me to share your experience?
My son was biten by tick in July and after almost 2 month (!) he is starting to complain to headaches and feet pain (numbness). In next few days he got small red line on his face (half of circle shape) and we got lyme desease diagnose.
We got 10 days Kåvepenin.
The situation is that headaches and feet pain had never dissappear. I hoped that it will gone with time, but after 10 days when he finished Kåvepenin course, seems that situation became worse: temperature around 37, weakness and so on.
At hospital he had lumbalpunktion. For now it seems that he hasn't neuroborellios (but we are waiting for result yet plus HD will get x-ray soon).
I completely frustrated and don't understand our next steps. I am worried if we will wait, we will spend time.
I very appreciate with any information/advice!